Investor Capability
Forex Markets Authority

Investor Capability

Capable, confident and well-informed investors are an essential part of healthy financial markets. Part of our role is to help investors build this capability.

Our objective

Build investor confidence and understanding by: “Creating safer and more transparent financial markets so investors can better choose and use appropriate financial products and make informed investment decisions.” We will continue to work closely with other Government agencies, market participants, and community organisations to achieve this objective. We will share our research to understand what helps investors make good decisions, and stay up to date with international research and conduct.

Our focus area

We focus on positively influencing the behaviour of all around the world investors in the following areas:
• Choosing and using investment products
• Complex investment products
• Awareness of high-risk 'investments'
• Avoiding fraud and scams
• Getting help and advice

How We Will Target Investors

Influencing how the industry engages with investors
• Through supervision and regular monitoring
• Ensuring practices and services focus on good customer outcomes
• Cross-agency work and contribution to policy
• Conducting more behavioural insights trials to see what works
What we want investors to do
• Use licensed providers
• Know the warning signs of scams, and check our warning lists
• Shop around for products - read disclosure information, make informed decisions and get advice when needed
• Be aware of investment risks
• Regularly check their investments