Compensation Fund
Forex Markets Authority

Compensation Fund

FMA was founded by independent economist founders for 2002, our mission and vision is to make fair and transparent forex markets. We have a high opinion of your ideas about us and our members. We are revieving all complaints and respond all kind of questions as soon as possibe. Otherwise we guarantee your investments up to 25.000 pounds, when you are found right about your complaints.

How does our system work?

We work as an aıthoriy for our members, and we claim some fees for each complaints and also monthly members pay decided amount of fee , all these fees have been collecting in a bank account after deduct the expenses. When it necessary all payments done by fund to member’s complainant clients.

Why You Should Work With Us?

As a member
Everyone knows, to be member of FMA is a privilige for a company, nobody doubts about member reliabilities and our fees are not high as much as other authorities.

Why you should prefer working with fma member company as a client?

We guarantee that every kind of complaints will be solved in 7 days and only best companies could be part of us. By the way all your investments are safe up to 25.000 pound.