Dispute Resolution Process
Forex Markets Authority

File a Complaint To Forex Market Authority

All complaints have been solved within 30 days, what if you do not want to wait this process, suggest that apply the member first.
After incident client file a complaint, within 2 days your complaints have been examined by forex market authority and acknowledge the member about complaints
Within 5 days the member must respond to complaint what if incident client or fma are not satisfied by response, Investigation goes deeper


FMA will investigate the grounds of the complaint and verify its validity within 5 working days.
FMA will contact the client and the Member within 5 business days to obtain all necessary information and documents, see if there is a chance to settle the complaint during investigation phase.
If no settlement opportunity during the Investigation phase, complaint will go to the Decision phase.


After the investigation process is completed, The decision is clarified within 10 days. supervisors decide which side is right, if the member is right, explain the process to the customer and guarantee it will never face this kind of problem. The if client is right, make the loss of customer up by member and FMA impose sanction to member.